Where is Blackpink headed?

Will Blackpink continue or will the group disband? Are the members moving to a different label or will they go independent?

Rumors have been swirling as K-pop's biggest girl group and its agency, YG Entertainment, remain silent on the future, despite their seven-year contract having apparently reached the end of its term in August.

On Tuesday, it was reported Jennie and Jisoo had established their own independent labels, though YG Entertainment denied to confirm the reports.

"Nothing has been settled regarding Blackpink's contract renewal or future activity," was YG's latest update on the issue released Wednesday, a reiteration of what it has been repeating over the past few months.

The company responded similarly around a week prior, when another local report claimed only Rose from the foursome had renewed her contract with YG. The rest would find new labels and set aside six months a year for group activities, the report from Sports Seoul stated. YG had said then that "nothing is confirmed and we're still undergoing negotiations."

The reports may sound groundless, but every little move the members make -- or don't make -- is fanning rumors that may hint at Blackpink's future.

Local media even spotlighted Lisa's recent solo trip to Paris. News reports pointed out that, unusually, she was not accompanied by anyone from YG Entertainment, presumably as she had not renewed her contract with the firm.

Rumors also circulated before that Thai member Lisa, who has the biggest overseas fandom among the group, may be in the market for a foreign label.

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